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SAEON in the media

Prof Kobus Pienaar, Dean of Science at the University of North-West, is interviewed by Carien Fourie of Rapport. Prof Pienaar's presentation at the Summit dealt with atmospheric observation systems with specific reference to air quality (Picture © Mitzi du Plessis)
In his presentation, Laurie Barwell of the CSIR proposed a service-oriented IT architecture for SAEON. Here he talks to Heléne le Roux of Engineering News (Picture © Mitzi du Plessis)

SAEON Summit profiled in the media

The Summit in general, as well as certain Summit presentations and posters selected by the media, received coverage in a wide range of print and electronic media such as:

The Summit also featured on the websites of the Institute of Environment and Recreation Management, BIOTA Africa, NRF and DST.

Johan Pauw, Head of SAEON, said that he was satisfied that "SAEON's own brand as an institutionalised network organisation with multiple organisational stakeholding was promoted actively and visibly".

Most of the scientific papers presented, as well as a summary of the Summit, are still to be published in the forthcoming issue of South African Journal of Science. The Summit will also feature prominently in the SAEON Review, which is to be published shortly.

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