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SAEON Graduate Student Network pulls out all stops for Indibano 2011

GSN Committee members are planning excursions to interesting locations, with experts in ecological research in attendance (Picture: Sally Hofmeyr)
At a previous workshop, GSN Committee Member Angela Mead led a marine field trip to introduce GSN members to the rigors of intertidal sampling.
- Paula Pattrick, Member of SAEON’s Graduate Student Network Committee


SAEON’s GSN committee members are energised and eager to pull out all the stops for Indibano 2011, and will soon start advertising for the event. This exciting annual event is earmarked for the first week of October.

Indibano 2011 will be held in the beautiful and ecologically diverse Eastern Cape, specifically to collaborate with the SAEON Elwandle Node, which is based in Grahamstown. This will present an excellent opportunity for the GSN members to interact with SAEON staff.

Furthermore, exciting half day excursions are planned to various attractive and interesting locations, including game reserves, with experts in ecological research in attendance.

The theme of this year's conference is transdisciplinarity in long-term environmental research.

Indibano 2011 holds all the promises - and more - of previous, very successful Indibano’s held at De Hoop Nature Reserve and Port Elizabeth respectively. The Indibano aims to provide postgraduate students from different disciplines an opportunity to exchange ideas, network with leading scientific authorities and gain additional training not necessarily covered in the course of an individual’s study.

Indibano means a “get together” or “gathering”.

Indibano 2011 is open to SAEON Graduate Student Network members only. To become a member please visit the following webpage: 

Keep an eye on this webpage in July for when the event starts advertising.

Your abstract may win you a sponsorship

Once the call for abstracts opens on the GSN webpage, members will be invited to submit abstracts for adjudication prior to the Indibano. The call and deadline for abstracts will be communicated in due course. The attendance of those students who submit the top abstracts will be fully sponsored by SAEON. The sponsorships are competitive and will be based on merit.

All attendees will be expected to present a talk and showcase their research. The workshop will be kept small to facilitate networking and the building of significant contacts.

The GSN Committee members trust that the Indibano will prove to be both an enriching and rewarding experience for all students who attend. Watch our webpage for details!

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