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Link of the Month

The University of California Natural Reserve System has completed the second episode of the six-part video series about Mediterranean-climate regions. The announcement below includes links for viewing the program on UCTV Prime. All episodes will also be posted on, and a link will be provided from the MTEG webpage.

At the request of CEM leadership, the video makes our partnership with IUCN/CEM/MTEG more prominent. Look for the logos in the acknowledgments, and tell us how you like our new MTEG logo! (The design concept focuses on one characteristic that's common to all five MTE regions. Since MTEs are characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, we chose the Mediterranean sun as a uniting (and happy) symbol. You'll notice that there are 5 large sun rays—these represent the 5 MTE regions!)

We hope this video series will assist you in your conservation efforts on behalf of the world's unique Mediterranean-climate regions.

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