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Read all about the upcoming Annual GSN Indibano


Guided excursions will be undertaken to some key monitoring sites, including the Addo Elephant National Park, where delegates can listen to a talk by the regional ecologist about long-term monitoring and its relevance to decision making. The Park has a long history of monitoring since the first elephant research started there in 1976. Today monitoring includes marine and terrestrial ecological parameters and forms an integral part of the park management.

By Arrey Ivo, with contributions and input by the SAEON-GSN committee

It is exciting times yet again for SAEON’s Graduate Student Network (GSN) with their annual Indibano just around the corner.

The “Indibano” is a gathering for GSN members which takes place once a year with the primary aim of giving deservingly selected students a chance to showcase their study findings in their respective fields of research. The Indibano also serves as a platform for students to network among themselves and with renowned invited researchers.

A workshop and excursion(s) will expose and equip students with valuable skills aimed at enhancing their proficiency and knowledge. Prizes are up for grabs in the various presentation categories and students are encouraged to deliver their presentations to the best of their ability.

The “friendly city”, Port Elizabeth, gets to host this years’ Indibano from 5 to 8 September, with the chosen conference venue being the immaculate Ibhayi Town Lodge. As always, one of SAEON’s nodes gets to play an integral part in the proceedings and this year it is SAEON’S Elwandle team who will welcome the vibrant group of 30 future scientists. The group will be comprised of 23 students and 7 GSN committee members fully sponsored by SAEON to participate in the conference.

Conference theme

The theme for this year’s Indibano is “Ecological monitoring leading to decision making”.This theme was chosen to highlight the importance of ecosystem services to humankind. As we become increasingly aware that our ecosystem services are challenged owing to multiple factors such as anthropogenic activities and climate change, the need to consider long-term monitoring cannot be overemphasised.

The abstracts submitted by students cover a range of disciplines, all addressing this year’s theme, i.e. how their research and long-term monitoring can influence decision making. The GSN committee and the SAEON Elwandle Node team are looking forward to welcome and host the specially selected young science enthusiasts.

Keynote speakers at the Indibano include Dr Tommy Bornman, Manager of SAEON's Elwandle Node and Dr Ntuthuko Masikane, a former GSN member.

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