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SAEON in the media


An article by SANParks Times editor Petro Kotze on the SAEON Fynbos Node’s fog research appeared in the Nov/Dec 2014 edition of The Water Wheel, a newsletter of the Water Research Commission (WRC).

A letter, Tyranny of trees in grassy biomes, by a group of grassland restoration ecologists (including SAEON’s Chief Research Scientist, Prof. William Bond) was published in Volume 347 issue 6221 (30 January 2015) of the journal Science. It arises from Prof. Bond’s trip to Madagascar last year where he found out about a global plan to 'reforest' the grasslands of the world, including most of our South African grasslands and higher rainfall savannas. The web link given in the letter shows the map of 'reforestation' potential. The group intends to publish a follow-up paper with more information.

An article by SAEON’s Juliet Hermes and Ben Loveday, Using submarine cables for deep-ocean monitoring, was published on page 4 of the POGO (Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans) newsletter of January 2015.

SAEON’s participation in the South African SeaSonde Coastal HF Radar Monitoring Initiative is mentioned on page 6 of the POGO newsletter of January 2015. The article was written by SAEON’s Wayne Goschen and Tommy Bornman.

An article on the Tierberg Karoo Research Centre, written by SAEON intern Liesel Hein, appeared in the November 2014 edition of Prince Albert Friend.

GetSETgo, the online newsletter of the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), published an article on the winners of the SAEON Special Awards at the Eskom Expo's awards ceremony in the January 2015 edition. The newsletter also featured an article on SAEON’s Science Education Outreach Symposium. SAEON was moreover mentioned in an article on Algoa Bay’s launch as a Mission Blue Hope Spot in December 2014.

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