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What’s new at SAEON?

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A research article by SAEON’s Kayleigh Muller, Tim O’Connor and Joh Henschel, titled “Impact of a severe frost event in 2014 on woody vegetation within the Nama-Karoo and semi-arid savanna biomes of South Africa”, was published in Journal of Arid Environments 133 (2016). A popular article on the frost study, “Trees get frosty reception in Karoo”, appeared in SAEON eNews 1/2016.




A research article by SAEON research associates Sue Milton (pictured) and Richard Dean, titled “Repairing compound damage in arid ecosystems – challenges and controversies” in Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, got special mention in the “Desert Collection” of Taylor and Francis.

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Each year, on Nelson Mandela’s birthday - 18 July, the Mandela Foundation asks people around the world to devote at least 67 minutes of their time to a community service activity. This year, in celebration of Madiba’s birthday, SAEON’s environmental monitor Gerald Nkwinika (in wheelchair), volunteered his services at the Lulekani church soup kitchen (nutrition programme) to hand out sandwiches and juice to the children.

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