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National Office

The National Office is the administrative and coordination hub of SAEON. It houses the Office of the Managing Director of SAEON.

Other components of the National office include:

  • Coordination Unit comprising offices of the Coordinators of Education Outreach, Information Management, and Systems Engineering;
  • Research Management Unit comprising offices of the Chief Scientist and Research Administrator.
  • National Office Operations which essentially is the Shared Services Unit that provides supportive services to the nodes in an integrated manner.


Shared Services

The National Office Operations is the largest unit at the National Office in terms of numbers of portfolios and personnel. Its essence is the ‘Shared Services Model’: the concentration of company resources performing like activities that are typically spread across the organisation, in order to service multiple internal partners at lower cost and with higher service levels, with the common goal of meeting the expectations of customers and enhancing corporate value. From this concentration of resources comes a concentration in focus and an ability to keep all of the organisation’s goals in management’s line of sight (Schulman, D. S., Harner, M. J., Dunleavy, J. R & Lusk, J. S. 1999; Shared Services: Adding Value to Business. John Wiley & Sons, New York. p7).

With respect to SAEON the Shared Services Model has meant that instead of having support services replicated at each of the six nodes, they are rather concentrated and delivered from one location: at the National Office in Pretoria. All nodes share the services provided which include: 

  • Financial services
  • Procurement services
  • Assets management services
  • ICT services
  • Payroll services
  • HRM services
  • Corporate communication services
  • Corporate reporting services
  • Branding and marketing services


The Shared Services Business Model offers the following advantages:

  • Standardisation of services – all nodes obtain the same type and quality of service
  • Reduced operating costs –  same people provide services to all nodes as opposed to each node having its own full suite of support staff
  • Reduced transaction costs – all services provided from one location
  • Economies of scale – through central buying
  • Increased levels of compliance with statutory requirements
  • Concentration of competence results in greater efficiency and responsiveness
  • Suppliers deal with “one” SAEON – good for building a brand


The National Office Operations Unit is also responsible for reporting, enforcement and monitoring of the compliance with corporate governance dictates, as well as events management.



Office of the Managing Director 

Managing Director

Johan Pauw

012 534 3509

Office Coordinator

Eva Mudau

012 534 3504


Coordinators Unit 

Chief Data & Information Managing Officer

Wim Hugo

021 880 0885

Science Engagement Coordinator

Kogie Govender 


012 534 3502


Observation Science Specialist

Prof. Tim O’Connor

033 347 5201

Research Management Office 

Research Administrator

Beate Holscher

012  534 3508


National Office Operations

National Office Manager

Dr. Theo Jongwana

 012 534 3515


Punyezwa Chitambala

012 534 3511

Budgets & Procurement Controller

Lawrence Matsena

012 534 3501

Human Resources Practitioner

Leazill Peenze

012 534 3506

Administrative Officer: Finance & Procurement

Moshidi Mosena

 012 534 3516

Marketing & Media Consultant

Mitzi du Plessis

083 258 8945

ICT Service Provider

Shaun Swanepoel

021 813 6306


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