South African Environmental Observation Network

Ethics and Advocacy

SAEON Code of Research Ethics

SAEON’s code of research ethics and operations is comprised of two components. The first is a Statement of Ethical Research and Scholarly publishing practice that has been adopted by, inter alia, the NRF, the DSI and ASSAf. This document is adopted in its entirety. The second part of this document consists of a number of principles for ethical research in the SAEON context which are not captured in the NRF statement, and expand the context for conducting ethical research for SAEON.

SAEON Guidelines for Advocacy

SAEON recognises that it is the responsibility of its scientist to conduct and apply science with integrity in the interest of society and the environment, for well-being and with respect for human rights. SAEON further recognises the value of science as a tool to monitor, analyse and respond to environmental, social and economic challenges for the public good. SAEON’s vision of providing “World-class environmental research platforms for a sustainable society” speaks to the NRF Vision 2030 on research impact and supports knowledge production for the improvement in the quality of people’s lives.