South African Environmental Observation Network

SAEON Observational Platforms and Monitoring Equipment

SAEON facilitates and conducts research through a number of platforms and these have grown into a diverse array of sites, instruments, infrastructure, datasets, models and staff, widely distributed across both marine and terrestrial environments. SAEON  platforms  enable  researchers  to  conduct research  that  is  critical  for  detecting,  understanding and  predicting  environmental  change. The SAEON platforms are managed by staff located at seven nodes and a national office. 

SAEON manages a number of long term observation platforms spread across South Africa. The colour of each icon represent which terrestrial SAEON node is responsible for management and data collection. 


This is a more detailed look at SAEON marine observation platforms, showing exactly where we collect data in the oceans surrounding South Africa. Click on each icon to zoom into the observational sites. 

SAEON's Terrestrial Instrumentation

SAEON has instruments distributed across South Africa collecting data. These include 184 instruments making hydrological measurements, 114 meteorological instruments, eight micrometeorological, and one barometric pressure data instrument.